Mindful of My Emotions

Mindful of My Emotions

Being mindful of our emotions begins with having the ability to identify each one so that we can build a skill set of healthy responses. Ignite a deeper understanding and connection as a family with these simple, fun and interactive activities.

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Las Posadas | Make Room for Jesus

Discover the beauty of Mexican holiday traditions including the Las Posadas festival, recipes, crafts and activities. When we are mindful of others’ holiday traditions, we make room for Jesus.

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Mindful | Holiday Traditions

There is an infinite number of holiday traditions that families practice in our own home towns, let alone around the globe. Many well-known holiday traditions include a brightly decorated evergreen tree, a nativity scene, a candelabrum and lots of food.

The question is, “Why?” 

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Storytime | Great Joy

When we are mindful we connect more fully with the people around us and embrace how diversity enriches our lives and the “Great Joy” it brings.

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I am Mindful_Video Cover

I Am Mindful

This season we are navigating areas in life that can feel like we are stuck walking in the fog. When you use your power of mindfulness and being fully aware of yourself and others around you, the path that opens up in front of you will lead to connection, discovery and adventure.

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