Collecting Nature’s Treasures

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Collecting Nature's Treasures

What's in Your Pocket? | Read Aloud

Every famous scientist was once a curious kid and when it comes to collecting nature’s treasures, these nine hit the jackpot!

Follow along with Aunt Becca as she reads aloud, What’s in Your Pocket?

Author Heather L. Montgomery  |  Illustrator Maribel Lechuga

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Sometimes we tend to think the only place to find something truly remarkable is behind a waterfall, in the Rain Forest, or on a hike in the mountains.  Well, let me tell you, I was recently reminded that nature and all its glory awaits right on the other side of the front door. 

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Spending the day with my nieces at their home in a quaint suburban neighborhood,  we decided to go for a walk and get some fresh air.  Little did I know we were a few steps away from discovering so much more.  The sweet joy as an adult with a two year old and a four year old is I was forced to walk slowly for little legs to keep up.  It’s amazing the things to be seen when we slow our brisk day-to-day pace.

While stopping to get pebbles out of shoes, pick up dropped sippy cups and brush off knees after a tumble, we saw some amazing things.  A little ways into our walk, we discovered mushrooms growing from the side of a tree.  Just beyond that, we observed a bird foraging for straw and sticks to repair her nest after the storm that had blown through the night before.  And finally, we came upon beautiful yellow flowers (also known as weeds) growing among clover patches.

Another sweet joy as an adult with children, is I got to see these things as if for the very first time through their eyes, and oh my, the sights were spectacular.

The girls and I imagined the little colony of fairies who lived among the toadstools.  We guessed how many baby birds would be in the nest one day soon. We learned that picking wild flowers is okay, while leaving some to continue to grow and bloom.

Fungi growing from a tree typically means the tree is rotting from the inside. None the less, this discovery led to some imaginative chatter of a magical colony of fairies.
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The three of us only made it down to the second street corner before turning around with our handful of flowers (weeds with soil covered roots fully in tact) and other little treasures that the girls were eager to give to their mama.

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This experience together in nature was a precious reminder that you don’t have to go far, you don’t need a lot of time, and you don’t need elaborate tools to make amazing discoveries. What’s even better is we made some lasting memories that day.

–  Aunt Becca

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Our Promise to you: We will only recommend resources and activities that are relatively simple and highly valuable in your child’s development and family bonding experience.

Nature Objects Sorting Activity


Explore with Tamara and Asher in this activity that can be done ANYWHERE and ANYTIME of year. Nature is all around us and constantly changing so there is no limit to where and when you discover.  Whether in your back yard, a nearby park or on your next family vacation , you just might be surprised by the treasures you will find.

Note From Aunt Becca: And just when you think your kids are “too old” for this activity… my 17 year old son still brings home odd shaped sticks and rocks he randomly picks up in his going about.

Collecting Nature's Treasures

Going for a nature walk keeps the kiddos off the screen and looking out at the wonder of world around them.

Every season brings new sights and opportunities. Look for treasures NOT on the list as your surroundings change.

Here’s a template to get you started.  Add to the list or create your own entirely. Draw inspiration from the time of year and where you live.

Seasonal Bucket Lists


Every season is a wide open door to brand new experiences.  Remember, these don’t have to be elaborate or cost money.  The beautiful thing about nature and our imagination is it’s FREE and the sky is the limit (or is it?).

Here’s a template to get you started.  Add to the list or create your own entirely. Draw inspiration by the time of year and where you live.

Level Up | Additional Resources

Additional resources to take the above activities to the next level

The FOREST is a Charlotte Mason-inspired, guided nature journal for your little one to explore and record the world around them.

Inside this 43 page, full-color guide you will find nature posters, flashcards, coloring pages and nature journaling prompts covering the following subjects:

Autumn Leaves | Forest Beetles |Fungi | Conifer Trees | Woodpeckers | Ferns | Animal | Tracks | Moss and Lichen

The Seasons Journal is a Charlotte Mason-inspired, guided nature journal and nature study curriculum for your little one to explore and record the four seasons – more than 200 pages of:

  • Hand-illustrated field guide posters and flashcards
  • Life cycle diagrams and nature facts
  • Journaling pages with discussion questions
  • Simple, fuss-free seasonal activities
  • Picture book suggestions
  • Seasonal poetry
  • Monthly and yearly phenology wheel templates
  • Additional links and resources for further nature study exploration

This online field guide data base allows you to take your nature experience to the next level no matter what part of the world you are exploring.

**FREE online resource.  Consider printing the guides if you are traveling to areas where data service may be spotty.

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