Imagination Station | Salt Dough Ornaments

Salt Dough Ornament Craft

Imagination Station | Salt Dough Ornaments


Activity Details:

  • 👀 For Ages 3+ (Supervision as needed)
  • ⏰ Total Activity Time: Prep 25-30 min. | Bake 1 hour | Decorate 45 min.
  • 🧰 What You Need: 2c. Flour | 1c. Salt | 1c. Water | Cookie Cutters | Drinking Straw | Twine | Paint | Paint Brushes | Paper | Mod Podge
  • 📸 Share: Photos and videos in the Kid’s Clubhouse of the fun you make! (Member Feature | Sign up for more details)

It’s Christmas time!  The time of year when we stay a little closer to home with the ones that we love and create special memories.  Your family may be engulfed in your line up of family traditions – driving through Christmas lights, watching holiday movies, baking, decorating your home and trimming the Christmas tree!

Making Salt Dough Ornaments is a fun activity for the whole family to mix, bake and decorate together while listening to Christmas classics and sharing stories of Christmas past.

In this Imagination Station video you will see that we added holiday words and encouraging phrases.  As your family chit chats throughout this process, it is a great opportunity to discuss family values to mod podge into your ornaments.

Keep some for yourself and gift one to someone who needs a smile this Christmas. Your family’s handcrafted treasures will hold all these new memories for years to come.


Aunt Brooke & The BSC Team

Holiday Storytime

Christmas Classics Read aloud by Aunt Becca

Buddy the Elf has more Christmas spirit than anyone, but he’s never quite fit in with the other elves at the North Pole. Then Buddy learns that he’s really a human—and his father is on the Naughty List! Determined to bring his dad some holiday cheer, he sets out for New York City.

But when Santa encounters disaster on Christmas Eve, can Buddy count on his new family to help him save the day?

Kim Smith’s adorable illustrations give a nostalgic feel to this modern holiday tale. Featuring all the iconic moments and laugh-out-loud lines from the film, by David Berenbaum, this story of infectious joy in the face of cynicism is a must-have for all ages.

It is just before Christmas when an organ grinder and monkey appear on the street outside Frances’s apartment. When it’s quiet she can hear their music, and when she looks out her window at midnight, she sees them sleeping outside.

Finally the day of the Christmas pageant arrives, but when it’s Frances’s turn to speak, all she can think about is the organ grinder’s sad eyes — until a door opens just in time, and she finds the perfect words to share. With this luminous tale, Kate DiCamillo pairs with Bagram Ibatoulline to offer a timeless holiday gift.

Christmas Eve isn’t complete until you read Clement C. Moore’s timeless classic.  Usher the magic in the night before Christmas.

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