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Bedtime Story Club turns screen time into a launch pad for children of all ages to fall in love with reading and experiencing the world around them. Join Aunt Becca and friends in the adventures of Storytime, and unleash the power of your imagination.

Each season we explore a new Power Statement that speaks to the value of our children, nurtures confidence and cultivates their curiosity for learning.  The curated books and corresponding activities reinforce this messaging, forging pathways for creative play, development and connection the whole family loves.

Our members have unlimited access to the virtual Kid’s Clubhouse, Video Library, Kid’s Connection, and Live Hangout. Our exclusive and secure platform has no advertisements or third party links, allowing children to engage with Storytime and their friends all month long.

Adventure begins with Storytime!

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Leaf Play

Leaves are all around us, yet do we stop to experience the wonder that they hold? This time of year the trees are shedding their leaves like a confetti parade in your honor. In this Imagination Station you’ll find inspiration for dancing among nature’s celebration of change.

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Collecting Nature’s Treasures

Sometimes we tend to think the only place to find something truly remarkable is behind a waterfall, in the rain forest, or on a hike in the mountains. Well, let me tell you, I was recently reminded that nature and all its glory awaits right on the other side of the front door.

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The Magic of Reading Aloud

Is there magic in reading aloud? Is the magic reserved only for children? Kate DiCamillo, award winning and beloved children’s book author, shares her personal testimony of healing and connection in the practice of reading aloud.

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