Storytime | The Adventures of Sugarman the Pony

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Storytime | The Adventures of Sugarman the Pony

Join author, Brenda Powell, and friends from Morning Glory Farm as the fun gallops on in, One of a Kind, the second book in, The Adventures of Sugarman the Pony, series for children.

Sugarman faces a dilemma! He can’t wait to meet his human family but he’s afraid they won’t like him, since he’s not like other ponies.

What will he do? Follow Sugarman on an exciting day of discovery as he learns that being different is not just okay, but awesome! Morning Glory farm’s favorite white fluffy dog, Bella, likes to say, Our differences add flavor and make us who we are–a unique masterpiece created to shine!

The perfectly paired talents of Brenda W. Powell and Barbara A. Kilgore, once again touch hearts with a powerful message through vibrant illustrations your child will relate to and love.

Author Brenda Powell  | Illustrator Barbara A. Kilgore

Downloadable Activity Sheets

1. ‘Look & Find’ while listening to STORYTIME!

2. Make these ‘Ooey Gooey Cookie Bars’ for you and your family to enjoy together! (See IMAGINATION STATION video below)

More Fun with Sugarman

IMAGINATION STATION | Ooey Gooey Cookie Bars Recipe

Sing & Dance Along | I'm God's Masterpeice

Puppet Experience | At The Fence with Sugarman

My Power Statement | I am Unique

The world is a big, beautiful place.  Full of all kinds of beautiful people.

While it is good to find people who share similarities. It is powerful to connect with those who are different from ourselves.

Our differences define the strength and infinite value of our own existence in the world.

Did you know that you are the only one in the world, and even in the history of the world, that looks like you, thinks like you, acts like you, creates like you, and experiences the world the way that you do.

You are one of a kind – and that makes you UNIQUE.

Sometimes being unique can feel lonely, uncertain and maybe even  scary at times.

But this season we are exploring how being unique is powerful when we embrace the special things about ourselves and others.  There is no limit to the possibilities of what we can create and accomplish individually and together.

So let’s journey together, and celebrate what makes each of us unique.

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